Tuesday, 12 May 2009


i stole a load of photos of tour from joe. his batteries ran out halfway though so im limited. more to follow!

All these photos are in a weird order sorry

eddies in brum, had loadsa massive pictures of eddie everywhere!

i am king of amusements

as joe said....for untold backstreet boys!

LOTS of bottle pisses went down cos it was bare travelling

i also regret all the fast food we ate

(stole some live fotos off some guys flickr, these are from the show in york)


matt drove all tour. he loved it as u can see!

kez is the king of hangover myspace sessions

our super rad van. joe calls it the mercades "don" vito

postmortem! seriously but their albulm when it comes out the new stuff has been stuck in my head since they played it the first day

i got mad bored and gnarly in the van

we lost maddy in there a few times

im not gay.......honst!

and yes our van seats DO look like they are out of an 1990's scholbus. but they are new! no wonder they were so cheap......

probably one of the best times...chilling at southend beach. there was an indian family playing beach jihadminton.

yeah we bought the wrong van!

now thats a dashboard!

mat hates poo

chinnerys in southend was a wide ass mother of a stage!

fibbers york. sorry these are joes fotos i stole and he forgot to photograph some of the venues

mad impressive van-tetris

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