Tuesday, 27 January 2009

An average day at college-ish

The Idea was to blog an average day at college,it was pretty average i spose. I woke up at six to my favvy breakfast of painkillers and coffee. Im pretty sure im gonna die young.Defo kept me going on the beast train journey to luffy tho!

After some shit English lesson where i did some essay whilst everyone pissed about and watched YouTube.I got to photog, this was gonna be my workstation for the day. Stoked.

The dan turnd up after some wack art lesson where he dribbled ink all over himself or something. My workstation plan crumbled pretty quick after the prospect of going to weatherspoons for lunch was mentioned!

Got these badmans for 99p!Best lunch ever. Yeah pretty sure im gonna die really young.

This is just some weird factory thing near the train station in luffy, i think its owned by someone called basil or something

Got to leicester and the train got delayed(Farking public transport!) so i took pics of people on my phone hoping they wouldnt notice and punch me

DONT ASK ME HOW but i got abit sidetracked taking fotos of people and somehow wandered onto the train to London that only stops at kettering :(

I managed to get to kettering without being charged an rang me mam sayin i was pretty much fucked. She said "Im not coming to get you im having friends round" Thanks mum.

Best plan was to get to Market Harborough so i got on the Notts train and hid in the toilet till Harborough. I did a wee aswell though. It was well hard to keep it straight.

Got to harborough without being fined or raped, mum said shell be an hour and a half:( I figured out the best plan was to find some gnarly comfy pub or bar to stay in.

This place looked pretty welcoming.

NO JOKES when i took that sign picture an ultimate barmaid babe came out and asked me what i was doing, i explained my train story and that i was doing a blog and she said "wow im a photography student too" So i chatted to her for abit about photog and she gave me discount on a guinness!!!!!

Mum rang and said she was in harborough to pick me up so i went to return my glass and had a whole number asking plan set up....but the hot bar babe wasnt there so i went home . I dont think ill ever see her again.She probably had a boyfriend anyway.

Monday, 26 January 2009

The limitations are Endless!

Hey there fellow internet users,if you love intervening with others lives or using netoworking sites to spy on your friends then heres a way to look at what I am doing with my permission. Stay tuned for posts of mundane boredom i will record so that you can waste your time viewing it instead of actually participating in an activity that will contribute to society.See you all soon!